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Barrick Stees, Bassoon

SteesBassoon Products

In this page you will find custom-designed reed making equipment that will help you craft your reeds to the highest standards. Each item's construction was supervised and designed by Barrick Stees himself.


To order any of the following products please send us an EMAIL and provide:

You will be contacted via email for payment options. US shipments will be via Priority Mail unless you specify otherwise. Priority Mail shipping rates will apply plus, if PayPal is used, a small service charge. Orders over $100 and orders outside the US will cost more. Personal or Cashier Checks may be made payable to Barrick Stees.

If you wish to send payment via PayPal, click here.

Item 1: Reamer - $90

ReamerThis newly designed reamer has an ultra-sharp five-flute spiral cut. Ream wet or dry. Since this reamer goes into the throat, use with a rat tail file is recommended.

An adjustable collar with set screw allows you to set the depth of reaming for consistent fit on the bocal. Comes with a wooden handle and an Allen wrench for the set screw.

Reamer designed by Ken Potsic.

Read a product review from the Music Matters - Bassoon blog.

Item 2: Mandrel Pins - $8.00 ea.

Mandrel PinsCustom made, stainless steel plated mandrel pins. Thanks to Ken Potsic for his design of these pins.

Item 3: Mandrel Pins and Drying Rack - $25

Drying RackAdd $25.00 to include a wood drying rack to your mandrel pin order.

All drying racks are custom made. Drying racks come with 12, 21, or 24 holes.

Item 4: Pin Vise - $17.00 ea.

Item 5: Long Rubber Bands -$2.00 for one (1) package of 12

Rubber BandsTo learn more about forming your reed using rubber bands, read my article on Making Reeds.